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Are you available?
I’ll do my very best to arrange my schedule to accommodate your time here on Amelia Island.  If I’m already booked, PLEASE plan to contact me for your trip next year.

Where do you pick your guests up?
If guests are staying near the north end of Amelia Island, I pick them up at the City of Fernandina Beach Marina next to Atlantic Seafood.  Another option is to meet guests at the south end of the Island.  There is a State Park just over the bridge, on the right.

Can you take more than 3 people fishing?
My fishing license covers up to 4 anglers.  The Anglers Mark is a fairly big boat but the comfortable and safe number is 2-3 anglers.  I’ve had four anglers on the boat and it get’s real crowded,  especially  when the hooks start getting slung!  I understand the desire to get “everybody” on the boat, but I think it diminishes the actual angling experience.  I can take up to 6 people for a boat ride, which may be a better option for larger groups.  Another option is to allow me to arrange another Captain to take half the party and have a “mini tournament”.

What do I bring?
I provide pretty much everything you need.  I have all the bait, tackle, rods, reels, licenses, life vests, and bottled water on the boat.  I’ll bait your hook if you need it done, remove the fish, and even cast for you, if you like.  I would suggest wearing some tennis or boat shoes, a hat, and sunglasses.  If it’s cool on land, plan to bring warmer clothing than what you would be wearing on land.  If you need a special sunscreen, bring it, too.  If you want a snack or something to drink other than water, bring that.

What will we catch?
I target Redfish, Sea Trout, Flounder, Drum and Sheepshead.  In addition to those, we’ll catch a variety of inshore species, including Jacks, Vermillion Snapper, Shark, Catfish, Ladyfish, and Blue’s.  I’ve even caught a small Snook this far north!

What are your rates?
I’ve made sure my rates are in line with the industry and with the rising costs of gasoline, insurance, bait and tackle you can rest assure that I’m not getting rich!  But I do have a passion for fishing, so this is what I do.  A ½ day (four hour) charter typically encompasses  6-7 hours for me.  The trip starts the night before – checking the tackle and re-rigging if necessary and then prepping the boat with gas, oil, and electronics.  On the day of the trip I purchased bait and get the boat launched and ready for the guests.  It’s my job on the trip to keep the boat organized,  re-rig rods, bait hooks, net fish, drop the anchor, run the trolling motor – and drive the boat!  Afterwards, I’ll clean the fish, see you off, then load the boat, get it home and washed and put away.  I’ll clean the rod’s and reels and……well you see what I mean!  Let’s do it again tomorrow!
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Will we see any wildlife?
YES!  In addition to a variety of shore birds, we see porpoise, wild horses on Cumberland Island, manatee, otters, Tarpon rolling,  Sea Turtles, Hawks and Osprey’s.

What is meant by Inshore Light Tackle fishing?
We’ll stay in the rivers and creeks on the west and south side of Amelia Island.  There’s very little “rocking and rolling” like there is on the beach side.  Typically there’s larger fish out in the ocean, but in my opinion, not as much wildlife.  It’s peaceful in the backcountry.  The rod’s and reels are rated for lighter line so the drags are set loose.  If you get a big fish on, you let it run, then slowly  work it in.  Anglers cast to structure such as oyster beds, sandbars and run outs in the marsh grass.


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